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We are a leading provider in China of the Metaverse scenario application tier, and have begun to build our own Metaverse platform
FlowingCloud is a leading provider of the Smart Marketing Technology in China, we enpowering the bussiness development of enterprise in various of vetical industries such as e-commerce, education and cultural tourism by using AR/VR engine, AI, cloud computing and other technical capabilities.
FlowingCloud has leading Smart Marketing SaaS platform base 5G era, we provide standardized SaaS marketing solutions for small and medium-sizedcustomers we use AR/VR technology to obtain low-cost bouns incremental traffic in the 5G era to help small and medium-sizedcustomers break the traffic monopoly of cnetralized platform and help them to build private domain traffic pool which can inprove the conversion and second purchase rate of marketing effectively. For the customers in vertical industries such as e-commerce,education,cultureal tourism,etc.,we provide a new business model based on AR/VR technology through the SaaS platform to empower enterprise development.
FlowingCloud builds a mature marketing system and model tools, through the application of cosumer insight,content creation,event management,CRM servies,scenario marketing to enhance brand reputation,strengthen brand value,and we provide KA major customers with a customized service system throughout value chain.


We announced that we will be publishing our Feitian Metaverse platform


We became an advertiser of the VR cloud store for one of theleading e-commerce platforms in the PRC
We upgraded our Wanjie Smart Marketing Platform to comprehensively cover e-commerce, education, automobile, culture and tourism and live broadcast industries


The shares of Ophyer Technology were delisted from the NEEQ in August
updated AR/VR SaaS platform, namely the “Wanjie Smart Marketing Platform”


The shares of Ophyer Technology were listed on the NEEQ in July
We introduced our first AR/VR SaaS platform
We were named as “China’s New Economic Leader” by China Economic Herald and China Business News


We were awarded “Member Enterprise of Zhongguancun Enterprise Credit Promotion Association”


We became a cooperation partner of a mobile telecommunications network provider in the PRC


We started cooperation with a mobile telecommunications network provider in the PRC


Ophyer Technology was established in the PRC


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